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A proven and data-driven approach to MRO inventory management

MRO Inventory

MRO Inventory Optimization

Get your MRO costs down and have
the right part when you need it.

Let us analyze and optimize your MRO inventory.

Get a complimentary analysis of your MRO inventory today

    SwainSmith’s MRO Inventory Optimization delivers a scientific,
    data-driven approach to rightsizing your MRO inventory.

    We analyze historical data, while taking into account operationally critical materials, to help you identify the optimum level of MRO inventory to maintain. This saves the organization money and reduces equipment downtime. A win/win for Maintenance and the MRO Supply Chain.

    Common Approach to Setting
    MRO Inventory Levels
    • Eyeball method to setting inventory mins & max
    • Too much of one part, not enough of the other part
    • Unproductive
    • Ties Up Working Capital
    • Extended Downtime
    • Raised Costs!
    SwainSmith's MRO Inventory
    Optimization Approach
    • Scientific
    • Optimally Stocked Storeroom
    • Increased Productivity
    • Frees up Working Capital
    • Shortened Downtime
    • Reduced Costs!

    MRO Inventory Optimization Benefits

    Drives Down
    MRO Costs


    Boosts maintenance productivity

    Improves asset bill of materials

    Our MRO Inventory Optimization service analyzes your inventory data to:

    • Recommend a data-driven, rationalized min/max for all inventory SKUs
    • Identify excess, recommended and slow-moving inventories
    • Assign ABC/XYZ codes to prioritize improvements efforts
    • Classify potentially obsolete materials for further review
    • Categorize operationally critical materials
    MRO Graphic

    Drive Down MRO costs

    Reduce time-to-repair

    Boost maintenance productivity

    Improve asset bill of materials

    MRO Pie Chart

    Rightsize your MRO inventory with SwainSmith

    Improve productivity, reduce downtime, and minimize MRO inventory costs by carrying the right parts, in the right quantity, when you need it.

    Stop carrying more stock than you should, stop running out of the stock that you need.

    Stocking the right part, in the right quantity, saves the organization money and downtime. With our MRO inventory optimization services we help clients get MRO costs down while improving spare parts availability.


    Want to get a better understanding of your MRO inventory data and identify areas of opportunity and savings?

    We use math and science to help our clients optimize their MRO inventory levels. You should too. Eliminate the informal “shoot from the hip” approach to establishing inventory reorder points and reorder quantities.

    Get a complimentary analysis of your MRO inventory today

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