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Improve failure analysis with the industry’s largest collection of equipment failure codes


Equipment Failure Codes

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    Every minute your business assets are
    down means lost services and revenue

    Get the information you need to improve asset reliability with SwainSmith’s Equipment Failure Codes:

    Know exactly what happened. Zero in on asset failures based on their equipment class, problem, and failure reason.

    Know how much it cost in time and money. Discover which action was taken, how frequently, and at what cost.

    Know when it will happen again. Using the asset’s work history record, accurately determine the optimum maintenance schedule.

    Know your equipment: past, present, and future.

    V I D E O

    See the complete EAM
    Master Data Library™ in action

    SwainSmith’s industry-accepted codes and data standards lay the foundation needed for managing your EAM data and creating actionable insights.

    Failure Pie
    • Over 2,000 Problem-Failure-Action codes
    • 200,000+ failure relationships
    • Over 200 distinct equipment classes

    Effective decision-making flows from better information

    The SwainSmith failure analysis library gives you precise information about where problems are originating, how they were fixed, which components are failing, and which failures are costing the most money.

    • 20 years of development and refinement
    • Cuts your EAMS development time by 75%
    • Provides a rock-solid foundation for asset reliability, reporting and analysis
    • Gives you deep and precise information about failure causes and culprits

    Discover what SwainSmith’s
    equipment failure codes can do for you

    Developing your own codes can take years. Instead, jump across the finish line and start generating actionable data with SwainSmith’s Equipment Failure Codes, part of our EAM Master Data Library.™

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      Compatible with all EAM, CMMS and ERP systems.

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