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EAM Models make EAM Systems better

Going enterprise with EAM?
Think EAM Model.

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    Take your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) operation to the next level by establishing an organizational EAM Model.

    An EAM Model forms the fundamental building blocks of enterprise asset management by establishing a consistent, documented process that can be universally understood and adopted across the organization.

    Establishing an organizational EAM Model is internationally accepted. Asset management standards ISO 55000 and PAS 55 recognize this as a best practice.

    An EAM Model...

    • standardizes and formalizes asset management activities
    • provides guidance and oversight of EAM operations
    • helps you get the most out of your EAM software system

    We provide comprehensive EAM Model Development services.


    To help organizations quickly establish their EAM Model, we have created Synergy™, an industry leading EAM Model.

    Synergy™ is a comprehensive, documented, ISO compliant EAM Model consisting of industry-proven data, processes, organization, performance measurement, and reporting standards.

    A standard is a repeatable, harmonized, agreed upon, and documented way of doing something. Standards contain specifications or other precise criteria designed to be used consistently as a rule, guideline, or definition.

    Implementation and Improvement

    Once your EAM Model is designed, we can help you implement and improve it. This includes consulting, onsite training, coaching, and audit review activities.

    An EAM Model provides an important aspect of ensuring that asset management activities are delivered in a harmonized, consistent way. It also provides stakeholders with confidence that the organization’s assets will deliver to specification.

    Speed up value realization and implement better practices sooner.

    Utilize our experience, domain expertise, and Synergy™ to optimize the development, implementation, and improvement of your EAM Model.

    Contact us to find out more about
    EAM Model Development services.

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