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A daily meeting of Operations and Maintenance provides the approval forum for work requests.
Maintenance develops a Weekly Work Schedule, listing all specific work orders to be completed the following week.
A Daily Work Schedule is compiled for each area, listing all specific work orders to be completed during the following day (on each shift as appropriate).
The Operations Maintenance Coordinator (OMC) role is in place to effectively enhance communications between Maintenance and Operations.
Failure Codes have been defined and assigned to relevant asset classes.
Bills of materials are complete and accurate, with both stock and non-stock parts listed for each asset.
Standard Work Plans are maintained and reused for all repetitive work.
Engineering provides recommended BOM (Bill of Material) spare parts as part of all capital and modification projects.
KPIs are used to measure asset management performance.
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) is used to trend failures of critical assets and/or classes of assets.